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You can benefit from our service in:

  • China
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Step by step to be among the best: Kaizen stands for constant improvement. New small steps can always maintain continuous optimization in motion, which leads to major changes. It can not only improve the quantity and quality, but also use your resources sensibly. Our specialists will show you how to use our corporate concept effectively in your company.

Where do we start?

  • Kaizen methods
  • Kanban
  • 5S prinziple
  • One-Piece-Flow

Quality Assurance

Do you value quality? Your customers do! It’s good that we at SZMuri ensure perfect end-results. Please send us your samples before the production in Asia. Before exporting to Europe or the rest of the world, we will take care and professionally control and guarantee quality.


During an inspection we are happy to take your company or production facility under the microscope. Our specialists identify barriers and roll out our processes so that you can work faster, more efficiently and save resources. We do all of this during the process of manufacturing so that you do not lose any valuable production time.


Your product is so good, you want to share it with the whole world? Our team can offer you global project support for successful foreign trade from our base in China! In production, you can benefit from our international suppliers who can provide you individual component at an optimal price-performance ratio. From building a global customer base to production and exporting all over the world – SZMuri, we can ensure that everything goes successful.

Better safe than sorry. Competent legal advice protects you and your company. In legal matters, leave it in our hands, we will protect your interests. While our specialists deal with contracts and pages of legal documents, you have time and can focus on your core business.

We advise you on the following subjects:

  • Project support
    During a project, legal barriers can repeatedly block progress. With our project support, we manage this and remove legal barriers and guide you safely to your goal.
  • Toolmaking
    There are many factors to be considered in toolmaking, including legal requirements or industry standards. With our consultation, we will ensure your product is on the safe side.
  • Sourcing with supervision
    A solid procurement strategy is worth a lot. Our sourcing team will supervise and provide the ideal options for you and support you in successful implementation.

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