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Our goal: to lead you from standard to the TOP. We achieve real results with effective tools that are individually tailored to your company. The secret of our success is the mix of constant pursuit of improvement, inventiveness and the courage to improvise. With our help, you can optimize processes, save resources, and not only increase the efficiency, but also the quality.

Of course, it is also part of our company philosophy to give something back to the community. That’s why we are the proud sponsor of the Comedy Club Shenzhen which regularly organizes charity events.


Hundreds of satisfied customers from different industries as well as several global players are already benefiting from our service. We focus on long-term strategic customer relationships – so that you as our customer can not only become successful but also remain successful. Our team from SZMuri will provide professional advice and support on the following subjects for you:

  • Kaizen
  • 5S
  • Kanban
  • TPM
  • TCD
  • IE


SZMuri was founded in 2010 in Hong Kong by senior Kaizen engineer Christian Gassner. From here and our HQ in Shenzhen, we offer services worldwide. According to Kaizen principle, we can improve organization and efficiency of the production and optimize the daily operations through coaching. Gassner’s own factory in Shenzhen is a prime example. In the past ten years, thanks to Gassner and SZMuri, Kaizen has established itself as well as many Chinese companies – now the method is also on the advance in the West.